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BBC Chartering and Caytrans PSA join forces

Released: July 27, 2006

After several years as friendly competitors, the two veteran companies, BBC Chartering and Logistic of Leer Germany, and Caytrans Project Services (Americas) Ltd., New Orleans, Louisiana, have joined forces in the Caribbean / NCSA / ECSA trade.

The new joint venture, CAYTRANS BBC LLC, is a Louisiana domiciled company and has a tariff on file with the FMC. The new service is managed by Dan-Gulf Shipping, Inc., which just recently returned to their offices in New Orleans after having completed renovations at their office which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

CAYTRANS BBC has the ability to tap into the large fleet of multipurpose tweendeckers operated by BBC. Currently, CAYTRANS BBC LLC has two shallow draft heavy lift multipurpose tweendeck vessels engaged in the service, the M/V Santiago and the M/V Nils B. The service has regularly scheduled calls between Mobile and Houston to Colombia NCSA and frequently calls the East Coast of South America and Caribbean ports en-route.

The line focuses principally on carrying project cargoes such as mining and oil well equipment and heavy lifts and also will carry IMO and bulk cargo. ?Ǩ?We?ǨѢll basically load whatever our clients require of us in this service?Ǩ, said Lowell Stewart, Vice President of Dan-Gulf.

Sales will be handled by BBC USA in Houston, who is providing both inside and outside sales in the Texas region, and by Dan-Gulf from their New Orleans?ǨѢ office.

Svend Andersen, Managing Director of BBC, Leer and Niels Busse, President of Dan-Gulf Shipping, agreed it made sense to share the combined wealth of experience and information they?ǨѢve gained over the last decade in the project market, as well as accessing tonnage from the modern well equipped BBC fleet. ?Ǩ?We see this new joint venture as a respective companies?Ǩ, said Mr. Busse. Mr. Andersen agreed and added, ?Ǩ?We?ǨѢre also excited through this new venture to have a presence in New Orleans at this special time in the city?ǨѢs history.?Ǩ

The line, which also has its own container fleet, can be contacted at the following offices for bookings and further information:

6575 West South Loop
Suite 110
Bellaire, TX 77401

Tel: 713-668-4020
Fax: 713-668-4160

E-mail: chartering@bbcusa.com
Website: http://www.bbcusa.net

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