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Caytrans BBC acquires third vessel

Released: October 15, 2007

CAYTRANS BBC LLC , the BBC Chartering and Logistic of Leer Germany, and Caytrans Project Services (Americas), New Orleans, Louisiana, is pleased to announce the expansion of the service with the addition of a third vessel, BBC CANADA. The BBC CANADA is a multipurpose, shallow-draft vessel with a service speed of 15 knots. Built in 1999, the BBC Canada is a 4800 DWT tweendecker with a capacity of 6800 CBM and 2 x 60 ton cranes combinable to 120 mtons.

The service, which is managed by Dan-Gulf Shipping, Inc., is now in its second year and, due to a market demand to offer more sailings per month between the U.S. Gulf, Jamaica, Venezuela, Colombia and other ports in the Caribbean and NCSA, the additional ship will enhance cargo and lifting capacity.

The line focuses principally on carrying project cargo, oil and gas equipment, mining equipment, heavy lifts, bulk cargo and IMO.

Sales is handled by BBC USA in Houston, who is providing both inside and outside sales in the Texas region, and by Dan-Gulf from their New Orleans?ǨѢ office.

The line, which also has its own container fleet, can be contacted at the following offices for bookings and further information:

6575 West South Loop
Suite 110
Bellaire, TX 77401

Tel: 713-668-4020
Fax: 713-668-4160

E-mail: chartering@bbcusa.com
Website: http://www.bbcusa.net

Dan-Gulf Shipping, Inc.
3117 7th St. Suite 300
Metairie, LA 70002

TEL: 504.830.3900
FAX: 504.830.3909

Email: chartering@dan-gulf.com
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