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MS 2009 Louisiana Bike Tour

Released: Novemberツ11,ツ2009

Louisiana Bike TourSo we did it again, October 3/4 another MS Bike Tour went by, and it went well.  We had a total of 23 riders on the Dan-Gulf team with a good mix of enthusiastic girls and boys which made up an international squad of 7 different nationalities.

The first day we started off from Hammond at 8 am sharp to do the first leg of 75 miles with rolling hills.  The weather was perfect and the first Dan-Gulf riders started strolling in to Percy Quinn State Park in McComb, MS around 11:30 and the rest came in scattered throughout the day. 

Maggie?「どィび「s husband, Tom Siedel, who is a chef at the New Orleans Sheraton had volunteered to BBQ, so he cooked up some nice T-Bones, pasta etc for all our riders who had built up a good appetite after a hard day?「どィび「s work in the "Alps"!

The first day was rather uneventful with the exception of our rookie Russian rider Andrei, who had threatened to beat the team captain!!  At Dan-Gulf we take such threats very seriously, so when we set Andrei up for the ride we made sure we provided all the equipment including bike, shoes, etc.  About half way through his strenuous ride on the first day, he lost one sole on his good looking Italian bike shoe, and shortly thereafter the other came off as well (don?「どィび「t threaten the team captain) ?「どィて However, Andrei gets full marks, because instead of just calling it a day as most of us would have done, he went to a farmer?「どィび「s house, where he threatened the lady of the house to give him some duct tape, and he then taped the shoes back together and finished the ride (about 3 hours after the team captain), but he did finish, and he used the same shoes the second day, good going! J

We all spend the night in our usual cabins in McComb where we all got a well deserved rest before next morning?「どィび「s ride which also started at 8 am, and we had a nice ride back to Hammond (75 miles), at least for the riders who finished early.  The slower riders got caught up in a rain storm which was no joke.  Actually the state troopers for safety reasons finally shut down the tour, and riders still on the route were instructed to take the sag bus home, which was a welcome message to many, Kasper and Chris can vote for that!   However, most of the Dan-Gulf riders still caught in the rain kept on pedaling for the cure and made it safely back home to the finish line in Hammond.

The tour had a total of about 1200 riders and raised about  600K out of which 19K was raised by our team, for which we thank our old and new supporters, much appreciated.  And last, but not least thanks very much to all the riders on our colorful team who made this event a joy.   Hope to see you all next year.

Thank you all,
Niels Busse