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BBC Caribbean


Flag: Gibraltar

Built: 2008

Type: Multipurpose Tweendecker

Classification: GL + 100 A5 E3 G + MC E3 AUT, timber & grain fitted, strengthened for heavy cargoes, equipped for the carriage of containers, equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods of all IMO-Classes

Dwat / Draft: 6,150 mt on 5.70 m

GT: 5,232

NT: 2,382

LOA: 115.50 m

Beam: 13.80 m

Cranes: 2 NMF cranes, each up to 60 mt, combinable up to 120 mt

Lifting capacity: 120 mt

Cubic capacity: 9,329 cbm ( 329,450 cbft)

Floor space on deck: 1,046 sqm/ 11,259 sqft

Floor space under deck: 2,093 sqm/ 22,529 sqft 

Speed consumption: 13.0 knots 

Sister vessels: BBC Pacific (2006) / BBC Ocean (2011) 

Speed and consumption figures are calculated basis maximum Beaufort 2, no swell and no adverse currents. Intake is always subject to vessel's stability, trim, permissible weights and is subject to regulations of visibility. Lifting capacity of vessel's cranes is subject to vessel's stability and can depend on cargo/ballast on board. Container data as well as bale capacity assumes tweendeck ashore. All details including speed and consumption are given in good faith and are "about" and are given without guarantee. They must not be used as basis for charterparties or contracts without BBC's explicit written authority.

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