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Since 1994, Caytrans has provided global ocean transportation of project cargo, and has diversified into the steel and bulk cargo market as well. Managed by New Orleans based Dan-Gulf Shipping, Caytrans utilizes a variety of vessels ranging from 500 to 50,000 deadweight, including multipurpose tweendeckers, singledeckers, heavy lifts and roll-on / roll-off vessels. If you can imagine it, we can move it.

With a worldwide agency net and a strong ability to parcel, Caytrans is able to provide prompt and competitive ocean quotations for your part or full cargoes, whether ready for shipment or still in the quoting stages.

Caytrans' technical department is available to assist shippers with package recommendations, prestow plans, lifting arrangements and other logistics. Naturally, we have onsite supervision for each individual shipment to ensure a safe and efficient handling of cargo. Many clients have awarded Caytrans urgent and time-sensitive shipments because of the trust the company has established in the market as a reliable carrier who delivers as promised, and on time.

Along with your cargo, Caytrans delivers peace of mind. Throughout your shipment with us, you will receive personalized service from one of Dan-Gulf's experienced staff members. The vessels we employ are monitored twenty-four hours, and through our website, clients have access to daily noon positions and weather conditions for each vessel. The ships are directed by an ocean routing service, which assists the masters in navigating their vessels in a safe and speedy manner to their final destinations.

For bookings and further information about vessel schedules and rate quotations, please contact:

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