Dan-Gulf Shipping

Dan-Gulf Shipping Announcement

Released: July 30, 2020

It is with mixed emotions I inform you that effective cob July 31, 2020 Dan-Gulf Shipping, Inc. and Caytrans Project Services (Americas) Ltd. will cease their service activities.


We will finalize all our current commitments for ocean contracts, and our accounting / operations departments will remain open to wind down the companies activities including collection of outstanding invoices due, you know who you are!   We will maintain our current telephone number and address until the end of August 2020.


We have had a great run since 1993.  We enjoyed the many challenges and opportunities given to us by various shippers and forwarders, and for that we are very appreciative.  Also, thanks to our agents, vendors and other partners making our companies the success they were for almost 28 years.    


Again, it’s sad to leave an industry that formed a life style for all of us here at Dan-Gulf, and we will cherish the memories of all the good times we had together, including the heated battles that go along with the territory for such a journey.


Last but not least, I wish to thank my staff who has been loyal to me for many years including Captain Hans Kossak who worked for us on a consultant basis as a port captain.  I could not have done this without them, and whatever we accomplished was always done as a team. 


I will miss them all, and also a special thanks to Lowell, my wingman for 23 years,  who was diagnosed with ALS last year, which is a devastating disease and forced him to early retirement due to health reasons.  However, Lowell is a fighter,  and recently applied to attend a program at the University of New Orleans and take a master’s in accounting, so good luck with that Stew, glad I am not the teacher!


Once again, it has been a pleasure working with you all, bon voyage and best wishes in these strange times, which we hopefully will overcome sooner rather than later using common sense, discipline and patience.


Best Regards,


Dan-Gulf Shipping, Inc.

Niels Busse

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