Dan-Gulf Shipping

Moving Propane Storage Tanks to Jamaica

Released: January 25, 2023

Dan-Gulf Shipping and Oslo Caribbean Carrier moves 4 large propane storage tanks from Mobile, Alabama to Kingston, Jamaica. The tanks, with a weight of 62.5 MT and 41 meters long, shipped in two voyages.  Both shipments performed by the 10,000 DWT vessels in the Oslo Caribbean Carrier fleet equipped with 2 x 60mt cranes combinable to 120 mt. 

The first shipment was performed by the MV Wislaborg and the second one by the MV Sea Carrier.  The tanks were loaded in Mobile, as well as discharged in Kingston, Jamaica, with ease using the two vessel cranes in tandem.  

OCC/DGS offer several sailings per month from Mobile to Jamaica with a transit time of about 5 days providing ample frequency and flexibility to our clients.  

Dan-Gulf Shipping, headquartered in New Orleans, has been providing regular service to Colombia, NCSA, ECCA and Caribs for over three decades.  In November 2020, DGS joined forces with OCC enhancing the company’s coverage in the region.