Dan-Gulf Shipping

BBC Romania ... Hollywood Movie Star!

Released: February 2, 2011


In February 2011, Caytrans BBC and Dan-Gulf Shipping had the unique and exciting opportunity to participate in the Hollywood movie business. We worked closely with Troy Waters, Marine Coordinator and Caprice Ericson, Marine Best Boy to employ the BBC Romania for a big-budget Hollywood film.  The BBC Romania plays a vital, starring role alongside actor Mark Wahlberg in the film "Contraband", which is a remake of the 2008 movie, "Reykjavik-Rotterdam". The plot involves smuggling and the BBC Romania plays a dual role. Instead of hiring two vessels to satisfy the director's (Baltasar Korm?ɬkur) vision, the film crew fashioned a false hull of plywood and painted it black to look like a completely different ship. 

During filming at a non-operating terminal in New Orleans, we were invited to attend so we could see the BBC Romania in action. It was fascinating to see the process happening before our very eyes. We were treated to lunch at the tent where the cast and crew dine, and we saw some actors milling about. Also, several of the Dan-Gulf crew attended an evening filming, complete with 3 helicopters hovering over and around the BBC Romania.           

This experience was fun for all of us!