Dan-Gulf Shipping

PORT RECORD: Record-Breaking Heavylift

Released: April 20, 2015

Dan-Gulf Shipping was appointed agent for a record-breaking heavylift handled by the Port of New Orleans. Please read the below article from "Port Record" Spring 2015. Thanks.

Record-Breaking Heavylift

On Jan. 20 the Port of New Orleans handled its largest project cargo piece to date at the Louisiana Terminal (operated by Coastal Cargo). Dan-Gulf Shipping was the appointed agent for the record-breaking 790-ton, 128-foot-long project piece that journeyed to New Orleans from Jebel Ali, Dubai, aboard the MV Palabora. The Palabora, operated J. Poulsen Shipping, became the second vessel in one week to discharge project
cargo that weighed more than 700-tons at the Port of New Orleans.

Dan-Gulf officials were pleased with the success and efficiency of the operations at the Port. As agents, it was our pleasure to coordinate the discharge operation between the vessel operators in Denmark and local entities such as the Port of New Orleans, Coastal Cargo of Louisiana and the receivers, said John-Paul Gehrkin, Operations Manager for Dan-Gulf Shipping.  We are honored to be a part of such a historic event and hope to continue that tradition as more large-project cargos come to the Port of New Orleans.