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CaytransBBC moves cranes from Dom Rep to Mexico

Released: November 21, 2019

CaytransBBC is pleased to announce that on November 10th they safely completed discharge of a 101 metric ton crane at Tampico, Mexico from their vessel, BBC Caribbean.  This crane was loaded, along with a smaller crane and parts, at Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on November 2nd.  The shipment was arranged by Marmedsa of Spain.

Capt. Anand Nair, the attending port captain, with the vessel’s crew handling the ships’ 2 x 60 ton cranes in tandem, was able to safely load although the vessel was rolling and pitching.   Loading at a minor port, the vessel had to supply all the rigging required for the lift.  The total time from hooking on the piece until it was landed in the ship’s no. 2 hold was 55 minutes.

The vessel sailed the next day and arrived at Tampico on November 10th.   Discharge commenced with the smaller parts and early in the afternoon the 101mt crane was discharged again with rigging supplied by the vessel and again using about 55 minutes.

CaytransBBC operates multi-purpose vessels in regular service between Houston and Mobile and NCSA, ECCA, and the Caribs.  These vessels are fully capable of self-sustaining operations up to the limit of their tandem capacity of 120 metric tons. 

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